An important role is filled by your primary care physician
in maintaining and improving your health.

What is a Primary Care Doctor?

Your primary doctor is your first point of contact, they are specialist in internal medicine.
They are comprehensive in addressing every aspect of a person’s health and well being.
They help you coordinate care across all areas of your medical needs and providers.

Benefits of seeing a PCP?

Cohesiveness Health Care:
Visiting your provider yearly, allows that doctor to develop a snapshot of your health, which allows them to better diagnose health problems that may come up.
They are the ones that will provide recommendations to specialists should you require other medical assistance.
Proactive Medical Care:
Your primary care doctor will be able to assist you, in determining tests that will help with early detection of medical conditions that may arise, such as heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes.
They can save you from extensive hospital stays and hospital bills. Making sure you are in the best health you can be.
Medication Administration:
The administration of your medication through one location helps eliminate the chance of taking medications that could cause side effects.
They can work closely with other providers who prescribe medications.